Simple And Effective Windows Wordpad Alternative

There are a lot of notepad replacements for Windows but only a few people use Wordpad. If Microsoft Word is installed, then there is little use of Wordpad. We have written about different notepad replacements like Glass Notepad and Notepad2. I have been looking for Wordpad alternative as I use Wordpad quite a lot.

Texter is an open source  fully functional text editor with advanced features. It’s better than notepad as it offers advanced features. It offers more advanced features than Wordpad but remains as simple as that.  I like the title bar shortcuts as it provides me a quick button of doing any action I want. One feature I like in Texter is its ability to save the file as PDF. And one disadvantage is that it requires .NET framework 4 which is very rare for people who don’t regularly update their systems. Texter can be downloaded from Sourceforge.