See How You Use Firefox – Interesting Behavioral Self Study

I usually do experimentation with my browsers. Right now I’m using almost all the popular browsers including Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. I use different browsers for different purposes. In this way I can organize myself better. But the most used browser is Mozilla Firefox of course. I use it for all my downloading because I love DownThemAll plugin which can take care of downloads very easily and effectively.
A few days back I came across an interesting add-on of Firefox which displays a graphical overview of what we have been doing in Firefox. It displays the activity stats showing the most viewed domains etc. My most accessed domain was 🙂 and the second was

aboutme activity stats
It also displays the hourly browsing historical stats. With this we come to know which hour of the day we have been most productive with the internet browsing. My most used hours were 11 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 3 pm.
Download stats are another interesting visualization that this little add-on gives. It gives details like which types of files we have been downloading. If we click on any type, it takes us to all the downloads of that type.
My daily downloading trend is higher on week days, Tuesday being the highest one and almost no downloading on weekends.
aboutme download trends
How to install this add-on?
Just open your firefox browser and go to the following URL:
[download id=”182″]
Install the add-on and give a few days for the add-on to collect data about your browsing behaviors. After a few days, type the following in the Firefox address bar:
This will bring up a page with all the stats mentioned above. Enjoy your self study of your browsing habbits 🙂