See Detailed Properties Of A File

Sometimes we need to check the properties of a file to see a specific property like the file size, date modified or date created or if the file is read only.
Windows gives an option to see the properties of a file by right clicking on the file and going to Properties. These properties are very limited in the sense that not everything about the file is shown in one dialog box.
file details

Extended File Details is a free and portable tool to display and even save the file properties. The attributes that it shows are as follows:
File Name
File Type
File Size
File Version
File Attributes
File MD5
File CRC
Company Name
Legal Copyright
Legal Trademark
Date Created
Last Accessed
Last Modified
Internal File Name
Original File Name
Large and small icons
It’s really very easy to use Extended File Details. Just download EFD from the following link and open EFD.exe. Browse the file which you want to analyze using EFD and it’ll give all the details of the file in one window.
If this utility could replace the default Windows file properties dialog, it would certainly be great.
[download id=”285″]
Download EFD from the above location.