Search Directly From Firefox Address Bar

It’s always good to have common resource for doing multiple tasks. Most of the people who search alot got to the search engine’s website for example and then enter the search term. This leads to the results page. Or the other way round is having a toolbar for the same purpose. This is a bit annoying having a complete toolbar just for having one search box. Atleast I don’t like the toolbars because they slow down the browser. Talking about firefox, the good thing about firefox is that you can type in the keywords you want to search for in the address bar and firefox will automatically see if you typed in a search phrase or a URL. But the problem is that firefox always thinks of phrases having a dot “.” as URLs and if we are using a dot inside our search phrase, it will show as address not found.
For Example, if I write in the address bar of firefox, it will give me the following results:
But what if I want to search for ? Here’s a neat trick which enables you to search anything right from your firefox address bar. Just type ? before whatever you want to search, this will enable firefox to go directly to your default search engine with the keyword to typed after the question mark. So if I have to search for, I’ll do it as follows:
This will lead me directly to the search page.