Save Your Notes And Annotations From The Web

A few months back I wrote about Postica which is the virtual post it notes software of the web. I used it and liked it very much. But a month back I got an email from a guy from that I should try out webnotes as well. I promised that I’ll test it out and would write about it if I like it.
So did I like it or not? Ofcourse yes because it’s not just sticky notes, it also has highlighting capabilities which is very useful when a person is researching and wants to remember a specific sentense or paragraph. The best thing that I like about it is that all our sticky notes and highlighted text is saved in our online account. So it’s possible to access it virtually with any browser which supports installation of webnotes toolbar.

Another small thing that I like about the toolbar is that it can be made hidden from a click of the mouse. I wish there was some shortcut available for showing and hiding the toolbar and if the toolbar was autohide, it would have been great as it saves some space in our browser.

And another important feature is organizing the notes. I like the breakdown structure of things as it becomes very easy for us to sort out and find things afterwards. Webnotes gives us the capability of organizing the notes and highlights which we have made.

No doubt the sharing capability of our notes with anyone makes this tool really useful.
Currently webnotes is in private beta which is invite only. I have some invites left with me, if somebody wants to test this great tool, please leave a comment with the email, I will send the invite until I exhaust all of my invites.
The complete tutorial of how webnotes works and how to use it can be found here.
You can try out the live demo of webnotes from the home page.