Run Ubuntu Linux In Windows Without A Virtual Machine

portable ubuntu remix I like to test Linux Operating System from time to time because I have worked with it as a Systems Administrator. Now I only work on Windows but don’t want to forget Linux. So I want to run Linux once in a while. But the problem is that there is a need for either a dual booting Linux and Windows or run Linux in a Virtual Machine. Both the options are expensive in terms of usage and memory. In the first case, if I dual boot Windows and Linux, I will not be able to run both the Operating Systems. Only one Operating System will boot at a time. This option is not very convincing.

The second option is that we install Linux on a Virtual Machine. This option is not acceptable for me because when I start the virtual machine, the whole system becomes very slow.
I was looking for a solution to this and found Portable Ubuntu Remix. Portable Ubuntu Remix is a Ubuntu Operating System running as a Windows application. It’s based on Colinux Kernel, Xming X Server and Pulseaudio server for Windows. The benefit of this Ubuntu Linux is that it does not need any installation. I’m still to try it as I’m downloading it on my Windows system. It is about 560MB in size.
Download Portable Ubuntu Remix