Rename Multiple Files At Once – Changing The Extensions

Previously I had posted about Bitdefender renaming the files with extension. Many people have asked me that my solution is working perfectly fine but the problem is that lots n lots of files have been renamed by Bitdefender. So it’s almost impossible to rename them back to original one by one. Here I’m describing a method by which multiple files can be renamed simultaneously in whatever way we want. For this purpose, we’ll use a utility called Renamer.

Renamer is quite a useful utility for renaming groups of files and folders according to our needs. Here’s what renamer can do from publisher’s website:

ReNamer is a small, yet very flexible file and folder renamer, that offers all the standard renaming procedures, including prefixes, suffixes, replacements, case changes as well as advanced options and support for Unicode file names. In addition, it can also remove brackets, add number sequences, remove digits or symbols and change file extensions. The program allows you to combine multiple renaming actions as a rule set, applying each action in logical sequence.

It can be downloaded from here:
[download id=”53″]
Now let’s come to the point. I assume you have already downloaded and installed renamer from the above location. Open renamer and it’s window will show up like the screenshot above. First we have to select the files or folders we have to rename. What I will do is put all my files in one folder and add the folder in rename. To add the folder, select Add folder and select the folder which you want to add. After adding the folder you will see all the files in that folder have been added to renamer window. For demonstration purpose, I have created many text files with extension which we’ll remove in this tutorial. Now click on Add to add a rule:
9-26-2008 8-33-42 PM
From the add rule window, select remove from the left hand pane. Now in the right hand pane, write in the text field and uncheck Skip extension. Here’s a screenshot of what you have to do:
9-26-2008 8-37-32 PM
Now click on Add Rule button. The rule to remove has been added. Now you can click on preview to see the effect of this rule. The screenshot of my preview was like this:
9-26-2008 8-41-54 PM
You can see on the right hand side, all the files have been renamed to their original format and has been removed from the end. If you are having any type of difficulty doing this, please let me know through comments.



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  1. nodie

    i have same problem but my is hiden and i can non see it to add and rename but when i scan by betdefender i can see right and in this folder when i click propeties i can see it
    thanks to tell me how to unhide these file for remove BD.REN
    it is these file very important for me
    i write englisg very bad.thaks your answer

  2. Sanix

    Dear nodie, please the following article to change the file attributes:

  3. Jack Hammer

    Very useful and customisable program. Top quality.

  4. zubair

    hello sir i like avira antivirus

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  8. rohit

    sir ,thanks for your solution but somehow i cannot rename my hideen .AVI files.i think same problem with other video files also.could you please help

  9. Johnny

    U saved my life with this amazing tutorial.Bit Defender sucks.Thank U So Much.Kind Regards.

  10. rahee

    Thank you very much sir, Thank you for your innovation. This software help me in many way. But i have another problem. I want to copy a file from CD putting the extention (.dcm) to HDD. Can u help me please.

    1. Sanix

      rahee you can copy the file to your HDD and then rename it to .dcm. is this what you meant?

  11. relic

    awesome little app! and thank you so much for taking your time to include the screen-shots along with the instructions.
    You’re the man!
    Cheers m8

    1. Sanix

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  12. vinayak

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  13. Akshay

    I have .CHK files which are my video,audio,pics and documents i have been converting all the files individually and i have like 2000 files so please help me with somethin i can use to get the original files back

  14. Dheeresh K

    Hello Sir..
    First and foremost thanks a lot for updating us regarding such a wonderful software. i have been able to follow the entire process.Just not being able to get as to where the files are been saved after being renamed bcz the orginal folder (to be converted ) remains in the same condition after runing thu the software.
    Just to add to this.. there were some videos of mine (avi) that got converted into ren file. Will renamer help me to fix this problem also.
    Thanking!! you a lot in advance for your help and guidance.
    Dheeresh K

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  17. Badr Surkn

    i think this problem happened to me because i use folder guard (protection program) to protect some files on my pc so that’s why Bit defender couldn’t deal with those files and switched to type .. now i used renamer its really looking amazing but every time i do the steps it says that the files has renamed successfully but when i go to check them i see no changes the same type so i thought that i should remove the folder guard and try again but noway the same problem again !! any ideas?

  18. Kishore

    Hi, I have the similar problem. Files in the Locker folder of Folder lock are hidden and space is also shown Zero. But Overall space is shown in Folderlock. when I copy I can see the files moving with extension After copying , I can not see any file.
    Please tell me in to get rid of this problem.

  19. Raul Welshman

    Gash i was on the edge of formatting my hard drive out of passion and curst bit defender to the bone for messing up 80 GB of valuable software like windows xp split streamed with latest updates, all phone flashing software and firmwares for all model phones and amoung mamy many more valuable expensive software but thank God there is an angel like you…Thanks a real great lot…i feel and know i owe u for helping me so much

  20. Raul Welshman

    This software was very helpful to me…but i’m having trouble with one little thing and would be grateful if i can get some assistance. I’m not getting to remove from the sub folders…i have experimented but only the first level of folders are being renamed or only the root folder. Can u please tell me how i can get off the extra piece of name off the folders and sub folders because they qre quite alot of them for my portable programs that are name dependant for correct functionality and installation.
    Thanks for any assistance what so ever…

  21. kannan

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  22. Harish

    Renamer software is I think corrupted now. Please upload a fresh Renamer.

  23. Talha

    Hello, Sanix I want to know weather there is any software like renamer which can help me to rename not only the files but also the folders itself. Because many of my folders and sub-folders are extended with so kindly help:))

    1. Sanix

      You can use Metamorphose which is an advanced renamer for folders and files. Please try it out and let me know if it does your task successfully.

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