Remove Waiting Time In Rapidshare And Other Sites

Rapidshare is among some popular file sharing sites. The biggest and common problem with these file sharing sites is that they make the downloader wait for a certain amount of time after which the download link is enabled. And the most annoying thing is that while we sleep for the download link to be enabled, and if we click the enabled download link after sometime, the same timer starts again and if we’re lazy enough, this process continues.

SkipScreen, a free firefox extension, comes to help here. SkipScreen is a firefox extension that bypasses the waiting time on Rapidshare and many other sites. The list of sites is given below:

uTorrent - Fix Slow Download Speed!
uTorrent - Fix Slow Download Speed!
  • zShare
  • Mediafire
  • Sendspace
  • Sharebee
  • Rapidshare
  • Megaupload
  • DepositFiles
  • Linkbucks
  • Link-protector
  • More on the way…

Here’s the video that explains everything about SkipScreen.

[download id=”145″]

9 thoughts on “Remove Waiting Time In Rapidshare And Other Sites”

  1. it’s great except for the bundled malware that’s enabled by default, and re-enabled after each upgrade:
    disable BOTH
    “search refinements”
    “post download page”
    in the extensions setting panel, second tab
    to save yourself the hassle of privacy rape

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