Recover Stored Passwords Of Windows Network, Outlook, Remote Desktop And Live Messenger

I have already written about how to delete remembered network passwords in Windows and how to log on to your Windows user account if you forget your password. Today I’m going to write about how to recover different passwords which are stored in Windows Credentials Store. These passwords include Windows network passwords, Microsoft Outlook passwords, Remote Desktop Connection passwords and Windows Live Messenger passwords.
The passwords in Windows Credentials Store are encrypted such that even the administrator can not decrypt the passwords for recovery purposes. It always requires special permissions for decrypting such information.

NetworkPasswordDecryptor from securityxploded is a very handy tool that can instantly recover all the passwords mentioned above which are stored in Windows Credentials Store.NetworkPasswordDecryptor can decrypt and recover the following passwords:

  • All network authentication passwords stored by Windows.
  • Basic/Digest authentication passwords stored by Internet Explorer
  • Google login password stored by GMail Notifier
  • Remote Desktop stored passwords.
  • Exchange server login passwords stored by Outlook.
  • Login passwords of Windows Live Messenger

You can also delete any of the passwords to reset the Credentials Store. Using NetworkPasswordDecryptor is very easy. It comes as a stand alone application meaning that it does not require any installation. Just download it from the following location and run it.
Although this utility supports Windows 7, I have observed that this utility does not run successfully on my version of Windows 7. When I run it, it opens and then when I click on Start Recovery, it does recover all the passwords but after sometime it gives an error and disappears. Anyone else having Windows 7 kindly test the application. May be it’s my Windows that’s the culprit.
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4 responses to “Recover Stored Passwords Of Windows Network, Outlook, Remote Desktop And Live Messenger”

  1. Alexandru Cezar

    It worked fine in Win7 – no issues… I even tried for malware with 2 different antivir and no problem. Thanks a lot!

  2. azhar

    Nice utility. Its great, now I can get all of my stored passwords without any problem

  3. ven

    thank you for this tool it save my lots of time
    and my work

  4. mehdi

    It works fine on Win 7;
    thank you for this tools.