Racking Your Brains What To Present? Here’s a Great Idea!

clip_image002Yesterday was an absolutely special day for all my family. We got together for a big party to celebrate my grandfather’s 70th jubilee. People arrived from all over the world to honor our grandfather and have a great time together and give nice presents.

Before going for a long time I couldn’t decide what to give as a present… Yeah, it was quite difficult to surprise the one who has got everything. I know it was a dilemma for many, not only me. Apart from a usual present I wanted to give something unusual, something really valuable, may be a bit sentimental and moving. Something to revive the memories and relive the happiest moments of our family life.

The idea came unexpectedly when I was browsing one of the social networks sites and came across a slideshow movie made by one of the users on their own. Well, I immediately got interested since I had absolutely terrific photos at home! Okay, but how to make a film out of them?

As you may guess, I goggled and learned that using special software out of photos you can make a musical slideshow with text comments. So, I started creating my first musical film using free software Bolide Slideshow Creator.

The experience was really fantastic. First, I had to select photos for my short movie, then I was supposed to find the right music which would appeal to all family members, and, certainly, invent comments which would make everyone laugh. It’s a challenging task I must say! But from the very beginning I believed my movie was going to be a success, J that’s why making it was really good!

The program I used was helpful and easy-to-use. My task was only to load photos and put them in the right order, add music and text comments. Bolide Slideshow Creator did all rest. The program automatically added transitional effects, though any moment I could change any transition.

In the end I only chose the file format and saved it to the hard drive. All-in-all it took about half an hour – I mean choosing, adding, editing, etc. I saved it in full HD format and we could easily watch it on a big screen.

So, having spent just 30 minutes I made a full-scale movie with me and my family members starring, our favorite music and my commentaries which helped to look back at the events, emotions and feelings at that time. It turned out to be a super-present not only for my grandfather but for all the family! Everybody was delighted and thankful.

So, I had a good time making this musical slideshow myself and even greater pleasure presenting it to all my relatives at the party who were very thankful! And I’m also thankful to Bolide Slideshow Creator – it helped me make the party unforgettable!