“Print Screen” your videos

Sometimes when we print screen and there is video playing on the screen, the video part of the print screen gets black when saved. Now how should we print screen a video? There are two ways of doing this. One is for capturing only the video part and the other is for capturing the whole screen with video included.
1-Capturing video screen onlyWhen playing Windows Media Player, press CTRL + I where you want to capture the video. This will prompt you to save your captured video and you’re all done. You have just captured your video scene without the help of any third party software 🙂
2-Capturing the whole screen including the video
When it comes to capturing the whole screen including the video, understanding why does the video part goes black is important. First of all it is due to the hardware acceleration enabled. Most of our modern systems have hardware acceleration of the video enabled which is good for performance enhancement but it doesn’t allow you to do a print screen of the video part. To print screen including the video part, you have to disable the hardware acceleration of the video. You can do it by Right clicking desktop –> Properties –> Settings –> Advanced –> Troubleshoot –> Make the Hardware Acceleration to none. Now whenever you print screen, the video will be included in the print screen.Note: Please be sure to get back to full hardware acceleration because it improves your graphics performance.Tip: To print screen, just hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. The image will be captured to your clipboard. Just paste it in Microsoft Paint and save it wherever you want.





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  1. nausheen

    wow…. i always wished i could do that, but dint know how to.. thanx sanix sharing with us..