Portable Virtual Operating System Creator – Prayaya Review And Giveaway [5 Licenses]

For a mobile user, portable applications are an absolute must. This is because we have all our settings and our data in one portable location. I usually keep all my data in a portable drive for backup. We have already written about portable apps suite for taking the whole suite of apps in the pen drive. If you have a U3 drive, then you can make portable apps with Package factory for U3. Keeping the portable apps up to date is also very easy.

But what if I want my Windows settings, Microsoft Office, messengers like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype etc to be kept in my USB drive? I need a portable virtual operating system for this purpose and Prayaya is the best suited option for this purpose.
Prayaya does not need much space as it uses the host operating system’s features for its operations. By hooking the kernel of PC and redirecting file operations, Praya virtualizes an operating system on which you can store all your apps, data and settings.
There is a huge list of compatible applications that you can install in Prayaya. Here’s the list. The only disadvantage I feel is that it is not compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems. I have a 64-bit Windows 7 and Prayaya doesn’t run on it. Prayaya V3 can be downloaded from here. It is a 30 day trial.
Technize.com is giving away 5 licenses of Prayaya Virtual Operating System for free. To participate in this contest, you need to comment on this article and subscribe to our newsletter and give your views and suggestions about Technize.com and Prayaya. Please note that this is a two step giveaway. In the first step, winners will be chosen from the comments and then announced in another article on 6th of November 2010. The winners must comment on the winners page to get their licenses.
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16 responses to “Portable Virtual Operating System Creator – Prayaya Review And Giveaway [5 Licenses]”

  1. NiceTake

    Hello Sanix,
    I have already subscribed by e-mail.
    Prayaya portable virtual OS is a fantastic application and I love the concept of having all our settings and our data in one portable location for backup.I feel Prayaya should also support 64-bit OS soon.
    Technize is the site to be visited if you are really interested in learning all about latest technology reviews,details and participating in awesome and cool giveaways.

  2. JasonCook599

    I think that Technize is one of the few of my 190+ blogs that I will actually visit the site after reading the post. Keep up the great work!

  3. GT

    i’m wanting it. I’m done both, you need to comment on this article and subscribe to our newsletter and give your views and suggestions about Technize.com and Prayaya. I like your place but never win. i not try till now Prayaya
    Mr. G.T.

  4. Grr

    Hi Sanix,
    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
    I would like to participate in.
    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter.
    Suggestions about
    Technize.com – None. I like it and have been a constant reader.
    Prayaya – small, but good software. Interface could be made better and increase in speed is required. Additionally add the capability to re-use the existing virtual operating system, without having to create a new one – to incorporate the changes.

  5. Ando

    I remmember it is from china and liscense for lifetime.
    It is a pity that you need register an account for it when you
    use it.
    Just eat more RAM than old versions,but for Portable Virtual Operating Systems,it is really better choice.
    And I think that Technize.com is very good and hope that you
    have more members in your forum.

  6. john d

    thanks,please count me in.
    john d

  7. mhsmimre

    Thanks for nice giveaway , very usefull software

  8. aungzeya38

    Hi.. Sanix
    i am one of the reader of your site and enjoy it.
    i would like to say your attention that the last couple of month ..my norton safe web indicated your site is clean however today my norton showed that your site is unsafe…Pls check it again your site status.
    Thanks so much for fleeding giveaways.. for thiis time pls dont count me in because of i’ve alredy have one.

  9. ROHIT

    Thanks Sanix for the nice giveaway. I”ve hard about Prayaya before but eagerly want to use that. Portable Virtual Operating System would be nice to try out. Please count me in for the giveaway. Best Regards :).

  10. Kavin

    Hi Sanix,
    Please count me in for the drawings too.
    About Technize.com:-This is the site to learn a lot about important technology-based news,article,reviews and win incredible software goodies through generous giveaways.
    About Prayaya:-A fantastic Portable Virtual OS from that is pretty incredible in making your crucial data backed up and portable.Apart from that many applications are supported by Prayaya.

  11. niroop

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I also want to participate.
    I can say only one thing about technize.com is that it is awesome but i also want to say that you must show punctuality in announcing the winners on the specified date.I have also participated in the super antispyware giveaway but the results announced after 10 days of the deadline.
    About prayaya- It is a great software for those who wants to test
    the different types of Os and softwares without installing it on the actual one which is great.
    Hope i won,

  12. District

    Please count me in,I have subscribed by e-mail as asked.
    Technize.com is the fast emerging site for knowing all about some pretty useful tech news and reviews and other helpful suggestions and offers.
    Prayaya virtual operating system is one of the must have product to make life simpler and easier by having all data in removable media.Prayaya function of virtualizing an operating system on which we can store all our apps, data and settings is simply ingenious.I could surely use Prayaya for many useful purpose.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. salman

    Dear Sanix, please count me in for that giveaway because i need it for my technological experiments, i just like portable apps and a complete OS in USB is great, i wish if i could have that one. thanks

  14. amon

    This is a great tool for virtualization, I’ve been looking for it and I hope I’ll get it this time. This will help me to install most of my applications separately so that I do not over load my computer. technize.com is a great site and I’m a long time subscriber of it.
    Thank for sharing.

  15. Mikael Fast

    Don’t forget me i also want to win 🙂

  16. Mikael Fast

    Technize.com is the place I go to when I’m boost my self esteem.
    There is always something that make me happy.
    Prayaya for me must be the extra free time I would gain.
    I have not seen this nice Portable Virtual Operating System before. This is also why I subscribe to this blogg to find new things.