Portable BIOS Beep Codes Viewer

When a computer boots, it performs POST (Power On Self Test) operations. If there is an error in the self test operation, the systems starts beeping. There is a meaning of the number of beeps the computer echoes. It’s very difficult to understand and remember the meaning of beep codes as the codes differ from motherboard to motherboard. But there is a portable software which displays the meaning of each type of beep for the most popular BIOS manufacturers.

bios beep codes

Rizone Beep Codes Viewer is a very simple portable software for knowing the beep codes of for popular BIOS manufacturers i.e, AMI, AWARD, IBM, Phoenix. Just run the executable from the USB or any location and select the number of beeps you encountered. Rizone Beep Codes Viewer will give all the information regarding those codes.

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Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7





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