Place Your Desktop in Statusbar For Easy Access

Most of the time we place our files and shortcuts on our desktop for quick and easy access. Previously I have written about Desktops to organize your open applications and sTabLauncher to organize your desktop items. Now the question is when so many programs are open and we want to access some item which is placed on the desktop, this will require us to minimize all our programs and finally we’ll be able to see the desktop where we can select and launch whatever we want. Another quick way of accessing the desktop is placing it in the status bar. So whenever we need to access something on the desktop, just go to the status bar and find the desktop. Yes it’s that easy! For this, there is a small utility called DeskonTop. It places itself in the status bar and when we click on it, it shows a small windows simulating the desktop and we can click on whatever we want to open. All our programs and windows keep as they are. Nothing gets changed.

If we right click on the icon in the tray, we get all the items which are placed on the desktop. So that’s really a very handy utility for all of those who use the desktop to do everything.
It can be downloaded from the following location:
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One response to “Place Your Desktop in Statusbar For Easy Access”

  1. FireSBurnsmuP

    Actually, windows has a built-in keyboard shortcut for “show desktop”. You could just press [win]+[m] and that will hide all the open windows immediately. When you need to access them again, just [alt]+[tab] to them.
    I can see how exclusively-mouse-users could find this software useful, however. An interesting find for sure.