Permanent Windows 7 Crack Without Activation By Unlimited Rearms

I have previously covered Windows 7 activation crack when Windows 7 was actually released. But most of the activation cracks used to fail because of Microsoft’s quick patches and updates against those cracks.
I have also written about using Windows 7 for 120 days using the Rearm technique which is provided by Microsoft. Rearm extends the Microsoft product like Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Office 2010 by 30 days. But there is a limit on how many times the rearm command can be used. Windows 7 typically allows a user to rearm 3 times allowing Windows 7 to be used for 120 days in total.
window 7 rearm

Hackers and crackers have been trying to exploit the rearm technique for hacking Windows 7 to be used for unlimited number of times without activation. At last they have succeeded. They have managed to reset the rearm count back to 4 allowing the whole rearming process to be recycled again. Resetting the rearm count is very simple. Just deleting a registry key can achieve this purpose. The following commands delete the required WPA registry key for resetting rearm.
reg load HKLM\MY_SYSTEM “%~dp0Windows\System32\config\system”
reg delete HKLM\MY_SYSTEM\WPA /f
reg unload HKLM\MY_SYSTEM
There are tools that can do this rearming process automatically. I’m listing here two tools which you can run to keep using Windows 7 without activating it forever.
[Link removed due to copyright issues]
[Link removed due to copyright issues]
To use these tools, follow the steps below:
Download and install the cracks from the above location.
Restart the computer.
Press F8 when the computer starts for Advanced Boot Options
Select Repair Your Computer.
Enter the logon info.
Select command prompt and issue the following command:
Restart the system and after logon wait for a message box to appear.
This will schedule the rearm to be run after every 29 days so that you don’t have to rearm every 30 days to keep Windows 7 running without activation.





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  1. koushik

    i need windows 7 activation product key
    my computer product id is:00426-292-0000007-85659
    please send product key in my mail

  2. My win 7 os was genune but during repair i have used other cd of wn 7 which is not genune , now it is askng that my os is not genune pls activate, what should i do

  3. Techworld

    Wow, setting the REARM count back to 4, That’s impressive. When Microsoft says it can be a total of 3, and hackers have it set to 4, then I must be better than the two of them, ,cause my rearm count is 5 now, after I processed the system once. I am sure when I do it again, it will go to 6..