Password Protect, Encrypt And Digitally Sign PDF Documents With iSafePDF

If you work with PDF documents a lot and want that people are not able to alter your PDF documents then you can do three things, one, you can password protect the PDF document so that only the people who have the password will be able to open it. Two, you can encrypt the PDF document so that only the one who has the encryption key will be able to decrypt and edit the document. Third, you can digitally sign the PDF document which makes sure that the PDF document is in its original form and has not been altered or edited.
What if you get all the three features in one software so that you can use the tool to password protect, encrypt and digitally sign your PDF documents? iSafePDF provides all the three features. iSafePDF is an open-source, free and portable utility which is very simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require any kind of installation. Just download it and start working. Let’s look at the user interface of iSafePDF. When you open the program, you’ll see the following screen:
iSafePDF document
You need to give the source file that you want to edit and the destination file that will be the new file created after modification. You may also specify the PDF MetaDeta in which you can specify the author name, title of the document, subject, keywords, creator and producer.
The next tab is the Signature tab:
iSafePDF signature
You can either generate your own signature or you can browse for the signature file to digitally sign the document. You may also create timestamped signatures.
The next tab is of encryption:
iSafePDF encryption
In this tab, you can encrypt the document with a password and specify all the protections you want to apply on the document. There are two types of passwords, one is the user password which a user will enter in order to open the document and the other one is the master password which is used for editing the document again.
iSafePDF can be downloaded from the author’s site.