11 thoughts on “Opera vs. Firefox vs. Internet Explorer – Photographic Comparison”

  1. Yes it’s biased towards opera because I’ve taken it from the opera community :-). Well, its not totally wrong, opera is a very good browser, faster and secure than any other browser. Although I use half a dozen browsers for my routine work, I’m using Opera right now :-).

  2. i am unable to instal mozila firefox in my system
    its showing a pop window as
    how i can i use mozila in my system

  3. Great post! We laughed our heads off!
    Thanks a lot!
    Of course we use Firefox with all extensions.
    Svet and Kyle

  4. These other browsers are in my way! With the latest “Machine Gun Extension”, I can get through all this commute easily!

  5. IE as a horse and buggy sounds about right. I’m a big fan of firefox and a few of the main extensions like adblock plus and whatnot. Never tried Opera but haven’t really heard anything bad about it. I nearly cried I was laughing so hard when i scrolled down to see the IE pic.

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