Opera 11 Review–Download + New Features

Last time I wrote about Opera was about Opera 10.5. Opera 10.5 portable was also available for download. Now Opera 11 final is out . It has been in beta for quite some time but now the final version has been released. Opera 11 comes out with quite a few new features that will certainly help in enhancing the overall browsing experience like the addition of Opera extensions and tab grouping being the most loved ones. Let’s look at some of the new features of new Opera 11 :

Tab Stacking (Grouping)

opera tab grouping

Also known as tab grouping. Now tabs can be grouped for easier organization and advanced controls. Just drag one tab over another to make a group. I keep all my emails in one tab group, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube in another group and many other combinations can be made without taking a lot of screen space as the groups can be combined into one tab and can be opened when needed.

Security Aware Address Field

opera secure address field
Now the address field in Opera is more security aware like in Internet Explorer and Firefox. The address field tells if the site is secure and has a clean record.

Visual Mouse Gestures

opera visual mouse gestures
Now you can open the actions menu by clicking and holding the right mouse button in Opera 11. It can quickly let you stop the web page processing, go back or forward or even open a new tab quickly.


opera extensions
Opera’s functionality can be extended by the use of extensions like Firefox add-ons and extensions. Extensions can be browsed from Opera Extensions library.

Search Suggestions

opera search suggestions
An extra search field is not required to search Google. The address field in Opera 11 can easily be used to search Google. Just add g before the start of search query. Opera can also suggest queries like Google does as Google search predictions are now built into Opera.
Download Opera 11 (8.9MB)