Open Recently Closed Folders Easily

People who work with Windows Explorer a lot are used to opening and closing many folders continuously. The problem is that if one folder is closed that is located deep down in the drive then we have to go through all those folder steps again to reach that folder. This is annoying especially when we’re working with more folders that are located inside the deep sea of the hard drive content.
ReOpen is a handy utility which comes to rescue here. ReOpen is like a history keeper of all the folders and files opened and closed. We can specify the no. of files and folders that ReOpen should remember.

This small utility resides in the system tray and takes about 2 to 5 MB of memory. It can be called via a shortcut key i.e, Shift–PgUp. A window will popup with two panes. The upper pane is used for recently opened folders and the lower pane is for recently opened programs.
If you want to open any recently closed folder or program, just press Shift-PgUp, select the folder or program that you want to open again and click open selected or simply double click the folder or program name.