On Leave

Sometimes I wonder how our lives would be if there were no computers and this gigantic internet which has transformed the whole world into a web where we can reach anywhere without physically being involved in the travel. But whatever I think, the ultimate answer seems to be the same, whether there is internet or not, the life goes on. We get busier and busier and it gets difficult to cope with all the life issues, hobies and interests.The same thing is happening to the authors of this blog i.e, Abdullah and Sanix. I’m getting no time to blog because of the real life hinderances and in the next few days, I’ll be travelling alot. And I’m afraid that I’ll not be able to get to the internet soon .. atleast for a month or so. So I want to inform all my readers that I’ll be away from my blog and will not be able to check my email regularly. Please be patient. I’m also planning some new features in the blog that I’ll implement after I come back. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to give feedback at my email address (nanosani@gmail.com)
While I’m busy with my real life issues, unfortunately Abdullah is having his tough time with his exams. All of the readers please give us some time and we’ll certainly be back with something surprisingly new which hopefully all of you will like.
So sadly, I have to say goodbye to you all. I’ll be away for a month or so while Abdullah will resume posting as soon as his exams end. Thanks for your patience.
Note: While we two are on leave, mutantpk will keep on posting updated stuff.