Mouse Automatically Selects Any File In Windows

A client of mine is using Windows 7 and he reported a weird problem with his system. He told me that his mouse was behaving strange as it would select anything while he was hovering the mouse around. At first I didn’t understand the problem but when I used Team Viewer to connect to his system (he is a remote user) to diagnose the problem, it was quite simple.

There is an option in Control Panel –> Folder Options that produces this behavior.

folder options double click

There is an option in Folder Options that lets us select whether we want to double click to open a file (single click to select) or we want to single click a file to open it (point to it to select). It is a personal choice whichever you feel easy, you should select but if you don’t want to select a file by pointing or hovering over it, then you should select the double click option.



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