Monitor Folder Changes With Folder Spy

If you want to know about the changes made in a specific folder over a period of time, then Folder Spy will help you monitor and log all the changes. We have a shared folder on the server and I need to monitor all the changes made to that folder so that I can keep a log of everything which is going on in that specific folder.


I can use Windows built in monitoring tools but it can become too complex to configure and use the. I rather prefer to use FolderSpy because it is a portable utility and very little in size. It can monitor any number of folders  the monitoring is fully automated. It’s like set it and forget it. It keeps on creating the log file in the same folder which it is monitoring.

The types of changes monitored by FolderSpy are creation and deletion of files and folders, attributes changes, access date, file size changes etc.

Download FolderSpy.