Modern Computers for Modern Business People

With technology news piling off the shelves in a veritable waterfall of information on all the options now available, the choice of computer is always a moot point. There are so many factors to take into account and time is of such an essence that sometimes you can feel yourself paralysed with system overload and incapable of making a decision.
Finding a decent, reliable company that has a good or exemplary track record is only the first step in getting great performance with ample support and wide functionality. Versatility is an important consideration in any business environment, and the PC you settle on must have the flexibility and potential for growth and expansion the business itself possesses, otherwise it will soon become an encumbrance rather than a valuable and perennially useful asset.
As in most other things, you usually get what you pay for, and going for the cheapest option is almost always counterproductive in the business IT environment.  Deciding on the perfect computer to suit your business needs is the first step in identifying which make and model to go for. Versatility, cost-effectiveness, functionality and capacity for future growth are the guiding principles when purchasing IT computer systems to grow with your business, and this can be a time-consuming if necessary activity. Some businesses bring in outside consultants to identify what is required, and this is often the most cost effective way to proceed because any errors in the initial analysis can have devastating financial results in the longer term as systems malfunction, slow down, need constant upgrading or simply crash.
Panasonic Toughbook CF-F9
This is a great model for the travelling businessman whose PC can expect to take a few knocks. With extended battery life, internet connectivity and resilient construction, this PC protects precious data under the most gruelling of conditions and manages at the same time to be sleek and elegant with its matt black textured lid and built-in carrying handle that obviates the need for a separate case for transport.
Even if you spill water all over it, the Touchbook protection system will see it run off before it can get into the electrics, and the whole kit is also shockproof from 76cm, and the CPU has its own shock absorbers. This machine has a battery life of 6 hours and is environmentally friendly to boot with its Power Management system keeping natural wastage to a minimum.
Toshiba Portege R700
This is top of the range of the Toshiba ultra-portable series of notebooks for business professionals. It has almost 9 hours of battery life, and weighs only 1.28kg for easy portability. It has a protective lid so you don’t need a carrying case, and you can disable the touchpad so that you can’t accidentally brush it whilst typing.
Samsung SF310
As well as being functional, this laptop is also very chic, with a wave-style design and tapered edges. The number pad on the keyboard has been thrown out to save space, and the keys are based on Scrabble chips for ease of use.
Guest article by Pure Content team.