Mobile VoIP – The Next Big Thing

Mobility has always been considered an important aspect of any type of communication. Mobile VoIP service idea is not anything never heard of. Different VoIP providers have been working on this idea for a long time now. Mobile VoIP or referred by some as “mVoIP” is predicted by many to dominate the future of the telecommunication industry. A firm analyzing the Mobile VoIP service providers’ industry growth to surpass the $6 billion mark by the year 2015. Amy Cravens a market analyst estimated commented on the situation.

“One of the key benefits of mobile VoIP for enterprises is extending desk phone functionality to mobile devices. Business-oriented solutions will essentially enable the users’ cell phones to become an extension of their desk phones and will deliver, in addition to voice, a unified communications experience, including email, IM, and collaboration.”
This analysis suggests that the mobile operators, which were early resisting the Mobile VoIP service will themselves actively, participate in becoming VoIP providers themselves by switching from IP PBX and hosted PBX platforms to Mobile VoIP.

A bright future in sight for the VoIP providers

Large organizations which are keenly observing the situation, are anticipating a large increase in the demand for the Mobile VoIP service providers. For example, Sony Ericsson estimates that the number of users that will be subscribing to VoIP providers will pass the 1 billion users mark worldwide. The company further anticipates that Asia will have some 40% users of the total figure amount to around 400 million users while there would be around 200 million users in United States and Europe.

Sudden spike in VoIP service subscribers is another indication of Mobile VoIP spread

Skype, which has been at the center of the stage for being a key VoIP service provider, reported a big surge in the number of its subscribers. The company has a customer base of around 27 million users. Certainly, other companies are also seeing large increase in the number of their VoIP phone service subscribers. VoIP providers do also think that the mVoIP or the mobile VoIP will be a great proponent in increasing the customer base of the VoIP phone service. Among many other important things that really matter, one key aspect has been the introduction of the front facing camera installed in many of the modern smart cell phones. Cell phone subscribers that also have access to the internet, use VoIP phone service providers with the camera attached to communicate to their friend and family at a much lower cost.

VoIP providers cost advantage

VoIP providers have been spreading to new geographical bounds. Earlier many internet phone providers were not able to meet the costs. However, with a substantial number of VoIP service subscribers, Internet phone service providers have been able to reduce their cost of operating the business. Fox example Axvoice Inc. has been amongst the best VoIP phone service providers’ that brings quality with affordability to its customers. Axvoice Inc. is always looking to beat in price with the reasonably priced “full of features service packages” offered to its customers.
Guest post by Jenny Fellner who is a staff writer for Axvoice, which is a leading VoIP Provider. She loves to share her ideas regarding VoIP Phone Service.





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  1. Aaron Lee

    Future of communication technology is mobiles. Anything that is compatible with the mobiles will last a long period of time. Same is the case with VoIP. The past few years technological developments have enabled us to use the VoIP Service on mobiles.