Min.us: Simple File Sharing On The Internet

Rapidshare is one of the most popular file sharing sites on the internet. While it has many benefits, it has limitations like wait time etc. for free users. Lots of other sites exist which can be good alternatives to Rapidshare. Min.us is a new comer in the field of file sharing on the Internet.
Min.us has a very simple and easy to understand interface. It uses a drag and drop feature which lets you drag and drop the file you want to upload on the min.us webpage and it will automatically start uploading. Alternatively you can also click the Select link in order to get the file select dialog box.
Min.us will automatically detect most of the file formats and will display a sign of the format while uploading. I uploaded two files, one PDF and the other one, zip. Here’s what is being displayed while the files are being uploaded:
uploading pdf to min.usuploading zip file to min.us
After the upload process is complete, you have three options, Info, Share and Download. Click Info link to get the information about the file. Here’s a sample:
file info min.us
The Share link will give you the URL of the download and the Download link will let you actually download the file from min.us servers.
Guest users can upload a file of size up to 25MB. You can register with min.us in order to increase the limit to 50MB. Also if you are a guest, I found no way to retrieve the download link once I have browsed away from min.us. If you are a member, you can easily track your downloads. You can also make your downloads as public or private. For more information, just go to min.us and try it for yourself. Here’s a beautiful video created by the Minus team about min.us service:

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