Manage Local Windows Users Easily In Windows Domain

As a system administrator, it is a headache to manage local user accounts because an administrator can only have access to the domain user properties so only the domain user can be managed from the server. It is very difficult to manage local user accounts if the domain has a large number of users.
Chily User Management Software is a freeware software which takes care of this problem. It eliminates the need to manage the user accounts locally. Chily User Management Software can be used to remotely enable and disable the local user accounts and reset their passwords.

Let’s take a look at how to use Chily User Management. The software is very easy to use and takes a few easy steps:

  • Launch Chily User Management from the Desktop
  • Browse the Computer Name and type the logon credentials in the corresponding text fields
  • Select the user whose password needs to be reset and click Reset Password button
  • Type the new password in the Enter New Password and click OK. The password for the selected user will be reset provided the information given meets the password policy and complexity.
  • Similarly, you can enable of disable a user account with Enable and Disable buttons.

Download Chily User Management
Download Chily User Management from the above location.



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