Manage All The Network Settings From One Place

If you are a laptop user and you use the internet at different places like the office and at home etc, then it is a headache to change the network settings again and again. Usually there are different network settings in the office and at home.
NetSetMan comes to rescue in this situation. NetSetMan is a network settings manager which can easily switch between 6 different, visually structured profiles including:
* IP Address
* Subnet Mask
* Default Gateway
* DNS Server
* WINS Server
* Computer Name
* Workgroup
* DNS Domain
* Default Printer
* Network Drives
* SMTP Server
* Hosts File Entries
* Scripts (BAT, VS, JS, …)
So almost all the network settings can be found in one window. There are a total of 6 sets of configurations that can be changed and can be activated on a click of the mouse.
NetSetMan can be downloaded from the following location:
[download id=”70″]



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