Keep All Your Passwords In A Safe Place

9-28-2008 1-29-25 PM
In my previous article, I have written about how to use secure passwords for your accounts. It’s very good to have a unique secure password for all your accounts . The problem comes if you have many accounts. Most of the time, we’ll be forgetting passwords or messing them with each other. To solve this situation, I use a small utility called KeePass. It can store all our passwords in one place. It stores all the passwords in one encrypted file. It is portable so you can easily keep it with you in your USB flash drive. And backing up is really easy, just save the passwords file and that’s it.

9-28-2008 1-21-37 PM
First we have to setup a master password which will be used to access the database of passwords we are keeping. And then we can add all our passwords and usernames for all the services we’re using in groups. Then we can save it. It will ask us where to save the database file. Just save it in a safe place and keep on backing it up regularly.
KeePass can be downloaded from the following location. Just unzip it in your favorite location and start using it.
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2 responses to “Keep All Your Passwords In A Safe Place”

  1. Deca

    I prefer to use my own software that was created with Delphi 😉

  2. Don

    why dont use roboform?