Is Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder A Virus?

I have been using Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder to find the Product key of installed Microsoft products. It’s really very effective in the sense that we can easily find the product key of any installed Microsoft product. So if we want to reinstall any of the product, we don’t have to find the CD Cover of that specific product. Just run Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder and note down the keys and reinstall. It’s that simple.
But a few days back I was going through my website watch list, in the security sites section I found’s new virus detection alert. The interesting thing was that it was reporting Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder as a hacker tool. The new can be accessed from the following URL:
viruslist magical jelly bean
It’s quite amazing for me that this great tool has been named in the hacker tools list. The name of the tool seems to be not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.RAS.g.
If anyone knows more about this, please let us know.





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  1. none

    Usually software companies will mark semi legitimate programs or files traded on the internet as viruses, hacks, and trojans in an attempt to stop their use. Also people drop these programs onto other peoples computers without their knowledge and their anti-virus tools are the only thing that will warn them. As long as this program doesn’t pass your key onto someone else through the internet then it should be safe.

  2. heisdeadjim

    So the question is: Is it or is it not?
    In response to “none” above, please don’t misunderstand me I am not attacking you, but I need to know the answer to the question posed with a form of certainty.

    1. Sanix

      heisdeadjim, actually I have been using Magical Jelly Bean for a long time and I don’t have any complaints with it. So I don’t think it’s a virus or a hacktool. I think this should have been some form of false positive which was surprising for me.

  3. Kevin

    Any tool that searches for things like this might set off your antivirus. It’s basically cracking your registry to get your product key. Any good virus program would be suspicious of that.

    1. Sanix

      Hmm .. Kevin thanks for the technical detail. Actually I wonder it should only be reading from the registry and nothing should be marked as dangerous if it’s only reading from the registry. That’s only my thought. The facts may be different.

  4. Kevin

    Skip down to the October 25, 2006 entry on the Magical Jellybean Homepage
    He says pretty much the same thing. Antivirus have stsrted using heuristic (behavioral) detections so they see it as suspicious.

  5. Sanix

    Ow thanks alot Kevin, it was so much knowledgeable for me.

  6. heisdeadjim

    Ok, thanks. To be sure, to be sure, that sort of thing….

  7. Jul

    I’ve just downloaded Magic Jelly beans…since it’s zip file…we need to extract the file…my extraction won’t complete because my Antivirus detects it as virus and denied it’s access

    1. Sanix

      Jul I have been using Magical Jelly Beans for quite a while and am very satisfied with it. I think there is no virus involved in the software but it is detected as suspecious because it accesses and alters some system settings.

  8. David

    Norton Security Scan also shows my copy of Magical Jelly Beans as “Hacktool. Risk Level 1: Very Low” with the note “Hacktools are programs that are used by hackers for various purposes”.
    This copy has been on my machine and used over a period of 3 years now without problem. As said above, the scanner is just being very cautious.
    I believe this is to cover the possibility that someone had planted the program on your machine in order to steal your product key. That’s the risk they are alerting us too.

  9. Kevin

    Good point David.

  10. Sanix

    David, you’re probably right as the antimalware tools are becoming more and more cautious these days. Here is the latest report of Antivirus comparison.
    Note the number of false positives, these tools are generating.

  11. Walter Deodiaus

    Does anyone know of any CD key writters. Basically, my Dell Inspiron 2200 pc was hit by the siggen-1 or sasser virus and recovery does not work. I had WinXP on my PC, but MS discontined support for XP. I see the CD key on my PC, but Dell won’t send me the WinXP cds, trying to get me to “upgrade my machine”. I just want to buy the WinXP cd for this PC for the originally listed price of $10. I decided to install XP from another PC, but my CD key does not work. I was able to install XP using the cdkey on the CD, but want to be legit, and use my cdkey. Does anyone know how or where to write the CD key? I read it is spread all over the registry now to prevent people from getting it.

  12. BJ

    CD Keys have to match the exact version installed, also any key on your pc will be an oem key and require an oem installation disc. You couldn’t use one sold retail.
    Make sure you have an oem copy, and that it’s home, professional, or media center edition… whichever your key says

  13. diesalweasel

    in one respective it is hacking tool but it not if you know what i mean it just locates the key . i think how it works is it get the digital oem number found in the registry and works the key out some how if anything it a good hack tool it save a lot of hard work if thay lost there key

  14. ada gott

    What is the differance, and WHY is the program left on the computer once you know the code.
    The program should be installed long enough by the computer repair to find and then the program should be removed as it is no longer needed to find the code on the particular computer software.

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