Increase Your Disk Space Without Buying A New Hard Drive

One of the many benefits the NTFS file system over others is that it uses a compression technology thats very efficient and transparent. One just has to enable the compression on a drive or folder in an NTFS drive and it works seamlessly without disturbing the user.
In the beginning I had a feeling that using NTFS compression was a bad thing because it ate some processor time and when opening my compressed documents even though it was completely transparent to me. I didn’t have to be interrupted to get the process of opening files going. But then one day I decided to use this technology for one of my drives. It was a huge drive with about 60GB of data. I right clicked the drive, checked the compression check box and then clicked Ok. It took quite sometime to enable compression on all the items of the drive. But when it was done, I was amazed to see the space difference. Now the drive had about 7GB of space which previously was almost none.
Now I have compression enabled on all of my drives except the system drive on which Windows is installed. I think it’s not a good practice to compress the Windows drive as it is used very frequently. You can enable compression on individual folders too. It has saved almost 12GB of disk space in total. Now I can use the space without buying a new hard drive for extra space :-).





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