Improve Applications Response Time With Regdefrag

Windows is notorious for its frequent crashes and freezes. Most of the freezes and crashes are caused by incompatible drivers and invalid registry values. The Windows registry stores all the system information like operating system configuration , user preferences, hardware and software configuration.

With the passage of time and installation and uninstallation of software and hardware, the registry becomes bigger in size and fragmented. It’s very important to keep the registry compact and defragmented. Quicksys RegDefrag is a freeware utility to defragment and compact Windows registry. It can optimize the registry by placing the registry sequentially and removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files.
The good thing about RegDefrag is that it does not delete or create any registry entries like most registry cleaners which cause additional problems if not used properly.
The features of QuickSys RegDefrag include:

  • Repairs defects by rebuilding your registry
  • Remove fragmentation with a linear and sequential registry
  • Compact registry by removing gaps, unused space and the amount of RAM the registry takes up
  • Improves applications response time
  • Makes Windows running more stable
  • Protect privacy by erasing previously deleted registry cells.

Download QuickSys RegDefrag
Download RegDefrag from the above location.



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