If I were to start blogging again ..

Recently I read a post on Problogger that if I could get a chance to start blogging again, what would I do differently than the first time. Blogging has been a very good experience for me. I’ve learned a lot of new things which otherwise would have not been possible so easily and so early. I’ve found some really really cool and friendly people about my niche. I only thought to start blogging regularly at the end of April and it has paid me off .. now lots n lots of people know me just because of my blog.
So what things I would have liked to be different when I look back to my starting days — The first thing that I feel I should have done is to buy my own domain and I should have started a custom blog rather than the premade wordpress.com blog. And ofcourse I would have selected wordpress rather than any other blog software because it’s so flexible and so professional.
The second thing I think I didn’t do is keeping an email contact with my regular commentors. This way I could have won the loyal subscriber base.
When I started, I didn’t have any vision about what to post on the blog. So it was like general, anything that appeared on my mind. But when I see my posts back, I see most of ’em are technical in nature. So it helped me decide what niche should I choose. Choosing a niche should be decided before starting a blog. So it was a little later that I chose my niche.
I like the theme of Problogger.net because it’s so much optimized for reading. But I want to make my own theme .. I would use the inspiration from Problogger.
Keep up to date with the blogging world. This will ensure that you are up to date with the demands and needs of the internet people. This will help you catch more traffic by posting what people like you to write about.
The last but the most important one, post regularly. Posting regularly at a constant rate is the only way to keep your regular visitors coming again and again. And this ensures that the blog is growing. If I stop posting regularly, the traffic graph just floats around at the same pace but then falls down suddenly and the thought of losing regular visitors is a severe blow for a blogger.