How To View All Your Likes On Facebook

Facebook has become such a big thing in our lives that we can’t even think of getting in contact with our friends and relatives without Facebook. Facebook is our choice of communication. One feature that Facebook has introduced is Facebook Like button. You can Like any page, product or website which has a Like button on it. It will be shared among your friends instantly letting them know that you like a specific page or product.
Facebook Like button can also serve as a bookmarking service but how can we view all the Facebook likes that we have saved in Facebook? LikeJournal is the answer. LikeJournal is a service which can organize all your likes as social bookmarks so that you can search and browse all the Facebook Likes easily. Using LikeJournal is very easy. You don’t have to signup for the service, just login with your Facebook Account and start using the service.
View All Facebook Likes
Under the Privacy Policy of LikeJournal, I have found the following statement:

By using LikeJournal, you are consenting to the display of your name and Facebook(R) Likes according to your Facebook(R) Profile that you link to LikeJournal when logging in. This information will be made available to other LikeJournal users.

So using LikeJournal will make all your like public and available to other users. If you don’t have any privacy concerns then you can ignore the privacy policy and carry on with LikeJournal, otherwise, please read the privacy policy before continuing.





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