How To See Which Windows User Profile Is Currently Being Used

While we think Windows is the easiest to use in Operating Systems or we are so used to Windows that it becomes easier for us to use it, there are functions which become frustrating for use just because a thousand Windows Wizards lurk around a simple task or there’s a task that doesn’t have any clue available in Windows, at least apparently.

The user profile of one of my clients got corrupted and I had to fix it. I went to C:\Documents and Settings and saw that there are several profiles available in the name of that user. This was a puzzle for me to see which profile was currently being used.
I have found the solution. It’s rather a simple solution which I thought I’d share it with Technize community. To see which Windows user profile is currently being used, just go to Start –> Run and place a dot ( . ) in the field and press enter. This will bring up the profile folder that is currently being used by the user logged in.This was the tip of today 🙂 Enjoy!






6 responses to “How To See Which Windows User Profile Is Currently Being Used”

  1. xdmv

    Just open a command-line window. This will show you the active user too.
    Start > Run… > cmd

  2. U : 92

    There is another way
    – Alt + Ctrl + Delete then open the task manager and go to profile tab

  3. Sanix

    @Xdmv: wow I never thought about that. Great tip for me 🙂 thanks a lot.
    @U : 92: I can’t find the profile tab in the task manager. Can you guide me through?

  4. U : 92

    Sorry the tab’s name is “users” not “profile”

    1. Sanix

      @U : 92 : I can’t find the profile path in the Task Manager Users tab either??