How To See Installed Windows Updates

Usually we just keep on installing the Windows Updates which Microsoft suggests that are important or critical. If we have automatic updates enabled in Windows, then these updates are installed automatically. Sometimes we want to see which updates have been installed over time.
WinUpdatesList is a utility that will show all the installed updates including hot fixes and service packs that are installed on the system. This is sometimes very helpful in troubleshooting a problem when we need to check whether a specific hotfix is installed or not. This case usually occurs with the most popular problem with Windows Genuine Advantage update installation.

The main benefit of this small utility is that this will show which dlls are related to that particular windows update. Just double click any update listed in the WinUpdatesList list and you’ll all detailed information about that particular update.
WinUpdatesList properties
This little application is really easy to use as it does not install in the system. Just double click the application and it’s up and running and getting all the updates from the system in a flash.
WinUpdatesList can be downloaded from the following location:
[download id=”191″]






2 responses to “How To See Installed Windows Updates”

  1. RoninV

    Too bad it only works on pre-Vista released OSs.

  2. Allen White

    cheers, we wanted to check on server 2008 core, have a read of this if anyones trying to do the same