How To See And Reset BIOS Passwords

If you have forgotten the BIOS password of your computer or if you have purchased a computer which has BIOS password protected, there are many ways to reset the BIOS. One of them is to short circuit the motherboard battery which will reset the BIOS to its default position. But this option does not always work.
PC CMOS Cleaner is the solution to this problem. PC CMOS Cleaner is a handy utility to recover, delete, decode and even see the current supervisor password. It supports most of the popular motherboard brands. It is a must have utility in the Admin’s Toolkit. It comes as an ISO image which can be burnt on a CD. The CD will be bootable. Just burn the ISO image and make a bootable CD. Insert in the affected computer, boot from CD and reset the BIOS password or see the password.

reset bios password

Download PC CMOS Cleaner

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10 responses to “How To See And Reset BIOS Passwords”

  1. Sanix

    Have you tried it ?

  2. Vinnie

    My friend had the same problem abt 3 months ago and she had it fixed from the market. I think ordinary man can fix it with the PC Cmos, Am i Right?

  3. Sanix

    Sanix, yes I’ve made a bootable CD and it works find on my office computer. I will try on different motherboards.
    Vinnie, absolutely right! This software has been designed for ordinary people who don’t know much about computer motherboards.

  4. ck

    How to burn as ISO and make as bootable CD ???

    1. Sanix

      ck, you can download and burn the iso image with any ISO burner. You can try out cdburnerxp which is a very good and free cd burner (a good alternative to Nero).

  5. ck

    thanks for reply !!! i will try !!!

  6. simon

    Hello how do i download this? i try with firefox but there is no dowload size and it just keeps downloading with no out in sight.

  7. Sanix

    simon the link is working perfectly at my end. There is no downloading size because my download manager can’t get it from the original source where I’m linking the download.

  8. Mario Arias

    Muchas Gracias por este programa me ha servido mucho.
    el archivo pesa 60 megas y les recomiendo que lo descargen con:
    Internet Downloads Manager

  9. Seka

    now if we will say that this cd will work fine,suppose i my boot device it’s not the cd in this case it will work or it has a special procedure.??