How To Recover Corrupted User Profiles In Windows

A client came to me stating that he was able to logon to the his computer which was in the Windows domain but was not getting his desktop and other profile features. The error message was that Windows was not able to locate his profile so was creating a temporary profile to logon.

I investigated the issue and was able to restore the profile manually. But if this happens to anybody else, I would not recommend the manual method because it’s very time consuming and it’s not sure that the profile will be restored.

ReProfiler is a software which comes in handy in this situation. Reprofiler offers a quick and easy way to see which profile is associated with which user. If a problem is evident, it then provides a very simple way to connect the profile with an appropriate user.

For more information about the usage of ReProfiler, go to the iwrconsultancy site.

Download ReProfiler

Download ReProfiler from the above location.






2 responses to “How To Recover Corrupted User Profiles In Windows”

  1. Daniel Baker

    Just tried your reprofiler, and it worked like a charm where I thought I would have to rebuild my machine for the 5th time this week… Dont ask.. Anyway, again, it worked great!! Thanks a million

  2. valeria faria

    How do I use this on my computer if I cannot get past the login