How To Play Games In Office

We have put a lot of restrictions in our office network. People can’t watch videos, they can’t listen to songs and can’t even play online games. This seems cruel sometime but companies need some output from the employees. In order to get more productivity, most of the companies will put restrictions on their networks so that employees can not do anything but work.

This approach is good in the sense that people will be more productive at least seemingly. But in my opinion if the employees are not given enough entertainment, their minds will fade away rather than being more productive.


There is one site that offers some games which employees can play still seem very busy at work. The games are ridiculously humorous and addictive. At least I have been addicted to these games 🙂

The first game is breakdown which looks like a Microsoft Word application. There are some words written on a Microsoft Word file and we have to hit all the letters and words with our ball.


The second game is Leadership. In this game we have to guide our rocket to the destination. This games is my favorite. I play it a lot.


The third game is Cost Cutter. In this game we have to click on similar adjacent blocks and ultimately eliminate all of them to get to the next stage.

cost cutter

All these games can be played in the office and still look very busy at work 🙂 Enjoy your office with these games and keep on visiting for more productivity apps 😉





4 responses to “How To Play Games In Office”

  1. Altin

    Hehehehehehe 🙂 nice trick, I like this! 😀
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sanix

      Thanks Altin :-). I thought these games would be useful to every bored person 🙂
      Will be writing about two more VPN services so that people can break out of network jails 😀
      I’ve already written about 5 free VPN services and another VPN service here.

  2. pranzer

    This is great thanks!!

  3. office

    This is a great game!