How To Know System Uptime In Windows

12-15-2008-6-13-44-pmSo want to figure out how long it has been since you started your PC? There are a zillion softwares which will tell you about this but I’m going to tell you what we can do staying within Windows, no third party software installation. So here’s how it goes.
There is a command by which you can see the start time of the computer. Actually it is the network start time but the computers which have network capability start the network connection with the start of the system. Just go to the command prompt and issue the following commands:

net  statistics workstation

Just see before the statistics, the command will show the date and time since the computer started.






13 responses to “How To Know System Uptime In Windows”

  1. Mutant

    I have figured out another way in Vista.Open your task manager by right clicking on task bar.Now click on the Performance tab and at the bottom you will find you system Up Time under the System section.

    1. Sanix

      Vista does give a good way for seeing the uptime but XP doesn’t give any option in the task manager. That’s why I figured out this way 🙂

  2. szotto

    u can check up time if you check the status of the NetwokConnection.
    ControlPanel->Network Connections -> Local Area Connection (right click) -> Status
    Duration: 5 days 07:02:16

  3. Chiranjib

    If the network card is disabled then we can not get the system uptime from status.

  4. szotto

    Chiranjib: Yes ,that’s right, and also when the PC is switched off you can’t check the status. I am just wondering who want’s to know up time for a PC which is running alone ? network card is disabled = run alone.
    What kind of PC would be that ? ultraSecure single PC network ? 🙂
    All right, so I just get laughing when I read your comment, and try to imagine some kind of computer today without network card.
    Anyway, I just tried to give an alternative solution to get the uptime not a perfect solution for all the situation.
    next time,I will keep this i mind before I will write a comment.
    regards & Happy new year !


    Dear Szoto, it semms u ve become so reactive afer reaing my comment. Actually I had no such plan to write against ur idea. U have put ur idea which is correct I just told that some people are there who do not use LAN. So they like to disable it. I am not saying that today PCs are there which are comming with no Network Cards. Pl don’t think enogh next time before putting a idea, as u have mentioned in ur comment . If u r taking my comment in any other sense, then I am Sorry. Here we are for discussion. Pl free to post ur comments. Wishing you a very happy new year

  6. luke

    This info is also in systeminfo
    \>systeminfo |grep “Up Time”
    System Up Time: 17 Days, 2 Hours, 31 Minutes, 49 Seconds

    1. Sanix

      thanks luke. I knew about systeminfo but the grep command shows the system uptime specifically.

  7. Richard Bailey

    Open a command windows. In the command window type
    systeminfo | find “Up Time”
    and then press enter (it is case sensitive). You will just get the system’s up time.

  8. Firsov Alexey

    also we can use mini tool from . This tool show current uptime of your pc in friendly view 🙂

    1. Sanix

      It’s good but you need to register in order to download it. Not a very good idea as many people will not download it because it’s in Russian and registration required..

  9. Firsov Alexey

    Sorry, I’m had not thought about it 🙁
    Working link is available at (without registration)

    1. Sanix

      Thanks a lot for giving an alternative direct link 🙂