How To Get Solutions To Gmail Problems

Gmail is a popular email service from Google. Gmail, in fact, comes with a huge lot of other services like calendar, To do list, text chat, video chat, contacts organization etc. Since Google is providing all these services for free, the support for your problems with these service is limited. Here we will try to combine all the support options that Google provide and list all of them on one page for easy access.

Gmail Server Monitoring And Status

The first thing to check out if you’re unable to access Gmail or any other Google service is Google’s Apps status dashboard page. This page lists all the Google services and specifies if any service is down for any reason.
Gmail status

Gmail Help And Support

Gmail Help page is the first option to go for when looking for any problem or solution related to Google mail, Gmail. You can learn about a lot of features about Gmail account including creating a new account, deleting a Gmail account, signing in, Gmail settings and configuration, importing emails and contacts, managing contacts, ways to access Gmail account, ways to secure the Gmail account, messaging, chatting and phone calls in Gmail and common troubleshooting issues. You can get all this information through one Gmail help page.

Gmail Support Forums

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Gmail Help page, then you can go to Gmail Support Forums and ask for your specific problem in order to get help from the Google community. Google Employees also answer the problems on Gmail support forums. Discussion categories include POP and IMAP, Account Access, Composing and Sending Messages, Reading and Receiving Messages, Buzz and contacts, Managing Settings and Mail, Suspicious Messages and Scams, Coffee Shop for general discussion. You can choose a particular category related to your problem and post in that category by clicking on Post a question.


Last but not least, you can also get help from Gmail Twitter by sending a message @Gmail. You can also follow Gmail on Twitter or Facebook for latest news about Gmail.
I hope this articles combines all the ways to get support for Gmail. If there is any way that I have missed out, please let me know through comments.

Top Gmail Issues

Loginhelper has summarized a list of top issues and their solutions which can be very helpful to note down. Here’s the list of top issues of Gmail:
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