How to Fix Internet Explorer Crashes

IE5x_NewErrorReportingDialog Internet Explorer to me is a very delicate browser. There are some major improvements in IE 7 but the base remains the same. People find it very difficult when Internet Explorer crashes and all the data is lost. Sometimes, the Internet Explorer keeps on crashing. There are several reasons behind this but the most common reason is the add-ons which are installed in Internet Explorer.

How to Find Out the Installed Add-ons:

Internet Explorer 7 includes an add-on manager which can be accessed from Internet Explorer Tools Menu –> Manage Add-Ons –> Enable or Disable Add-Ons.

Internet Explorer 6 or less has this option in Tools –> Internet Options –> Programs –> Manage Add-Ons..
Here you will see all the Add-Ons which are installed in Internet Explorer. The most common reason of Internet Explorer crash is that some application has probably installed an add-on for Internet Explorer and it’s not working properly.

How to Fix Crashes:

When Internet Explorer is constantly crashing, go to Control Panel –> Internet Options –> Programs –> Manage Add-Ons.
See in your Crash error report that will be displayed after the crash, which module has created the crash. If you can’t find it, just try disabling the enabled add-ons one by one and see if your Internet Explorer start working again or not. Keep on doing this until you get the module which was creating troubles. Disable it and enable all others.

Having more problems?

Microsoft has a very good troubleshooter regarding Internet Explorer. If you are having more problems with Internet Explorer, I would recommend going to the following site and troubleshoot your problem.

Want to crash your Internet Explorer again?

Just for fun, here is a website, if you open it in Internet Explorer, it will crash :-).
By the way I would recommend Firefox for better browsing and web experience. If you are not using firefox, download it from here:



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23 responses to “How to Fix Internet Explorer Crashes”

  1. lisa

    thank you! i disabled my internet explorer add ons (some of them) and i can now run ie and firefox without crashing… yay!

    1. Memphis

      @lisa: I fixed my Internet exployer 9 app crash by simply removing the xfininity toolbox

  2. Sanix

    lisa, thanks for letting us know. It was good to know that you fixed the IE crashes.

  3. Tripti

    Awesome…….it worked….thankx!!!!!!!

  4. Debby G.

    I need help on my Internet Eplorer You click on Tool and the ” Manage Add-ons”
    it’s light and not darken and won’t let me use it to click on it. What does this mean..I don’t know how to fix it..I went to Google search and found your site by chance..Believe me I now have it saved to my favorite in hopes I will keep for future use when needed. I will also tell other people to help to them to..I’ve read all different kinds of things about add-on’s..I’m trying to re-enable my add-on’s. Please HELP !!! It would be greatly appreicated…
    Yours in search of Help !! Ms. Debby G.

  5. King Khalid

    Thankssss its good idia taht solve erorrs of internet explorer.
    Love to Angel Khalid

  6. Rakesh Sharma

    If you have IE7 then go back to IE6 and install MOzilla.
    Optmize your Browser.Delete files,cookies. history and reset.
    It will work.

  7. Rakesh Sharma

    MANAGE Add-on is degrayed use this one…………….
    Restrict users from enabling or disabling Internet Explorer add-ons
    To prevent users enabling or disabling the Internet Explorer add-ons using the add-on manager, try this:
    Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following keys:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Policies Microsoft Internet Explorer Restrictions
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Policies Microsoft Internet Explorer Restrictions
    In the right-pane, Create a new REG_DWORD named NoExtensionManagement
    Set it’s value and set it to 1
    Close Registry Editor
    NOTE: To relax the restriction, change the value back to 0
    Using the Group Policy Editor – Windows XP Professional
    Click Start, Run and type GPEDIT.MSC
    Navigate to this path:
    Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Explorer
    Double-click Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons.
    Set it to Enabled
    To enable the restriction for the current user profile
    User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Explorer
    Double-click Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons
    Set it to Enabled
    If this doesen’t work try this
    Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).
    If your browser appears to be working properly in Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) mode, continue with the following steps to help identify which add-on may be causing the problems.
    To isolate the specific browser add-on that is contributing to the issue, you can use IE’s Manage Add-ons feature to pick specific add-ons to disable:
    Click Tools -> Internet Options.
    Click the Programs tab, then Manage add-ons (see figure below):
    Note: The Manage Add-ons option under Tools is disabled in No Add-ons mode so you must go to Internet Options, Programs, Manage add-ons to manually enable/disable add-ons.
    Select an add-on in the Name list, and then click Disable (see figures below):
    Click OK, OK again, OK again and then close IE.
    Restart IE normally and see if your problem is resolved.
    If it is, you should uninstall the specific add-on via Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs or the applications own uninstaller.
    If the problem persists, you will need to repeat steps 1-3 until you have identified the specific add-on causing the problem.
    Tip: Disable several add-on’s at once to speed up your process of elimination.
    Or you can install firfox

  8. Ruben

    I have IE8 and everytime I close one web page the internet explorer 8 closes all my web pages open…How can I fix this???

  9. Steven


  10. Techno Freaks

    My default browser is Firefox. i disabled my internet explorer add ons (some of them) and i can now run ie and firefox without crashing. Thx for sharing
    .-= Techno Freaks´s last blog ..Download Rapidshare Files Without Limitation and Without Premium Account =-.

  11. Lilanath

    Recently I install explorer8 in my xp but my nepali fonts doesn’t works properly. What can I do?

  12. eo

    … plss help me i disabled all of that but it doesn’t work ..

  13. julie

    I’ve been trying to get my yahoo 10 messenger to work, but havent been able to do to so. I was wondering if you have an tips. Every time i open up yahoo messenger 10 after installing it, it freezes and comes out Appcrash. I’m stuck using the 9 version but i would love to use the yahoo 10 again.

  14. Srikumar SN

    Firefox/Internet Explorer crashing.
    Whenever I logged in yahoo the firefox/IE browsers are getting crashed.. and it happened only with Yahoo that too after signing in. I thought Yahoo Website is making the crash. After so much of testing I can now conclude that AVG Safe Search is the culprit. In other computers some other programs may be making it to crash. AVG safe search may be one of the cause for crash of browser.
    So disable AVG safe Search in firefox/IE. I think ur problem gets solved. If it doesn’t then disable JAVA.
    Every body says dump IE and use browsers like Opera/firefox/chrome. But none of these mentioned has the capabilities of IE.
    So browsers are not getting crashed not only due to websites but also due to the programs like AVG Safe Search.
    This post is to make AVG people and AVG 9.0 free users aware that AVG is crashing the browser when certain web sites are opened. Yahoo in my case.

  15. Kierra

    Thank you SOOOO much for helping me fix my computer!! I will tell everybody about this website if they need help on their computers thank you youre the best!!!!

    1. Sanix

      Thanks a lot for the compliments. We try out best to solve problems in the best possible way we know. You people help us achieve our goals by spreading the word.

  16. Henry

    – Thank you…It works…
    >>> I have disabled for Contribute Toolbar(BHOClasses) by Adobe System Incoperated.

  17. Emma

    Yeaahhhhhh!!!! Thanks for the tips I fixed the internet explorer crash on my daughter’s computer and what you said above worked!!!!! We are now ablet to get back on the internet, which she needs for for schoolwork.

  18. skare

    I’m having a similiar problem which involves my CF-28 Toughbook, a FRESH installation of XP SP3 and Adobe Flash player. It’s crashing IE7, IE8 and even Firefox. You talk about disabling add-ons. I get that, but isn’t the point behind add-ons is to make certian things on certian sites work? I disable flash add-on, no you tube. I reinstall flash, it crashes again. Not to mention, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH…….. What is going on? It’s a brand new install of XP.

  19. Jack

    My wife’s computer crashed the the app for the internet explorer. I have been ubable to locate the addon that is indicated as the source of the crash. It is not listed within the list for Managing addons. Ha anyone got a fix?

  20. Ande

    How can I find the error report if the IE9 keeps opening hundreds of MSN Windows, until it crashes my HP Laptop?

  21. Thank you for your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.