How To Download Embeded/Streaming Videos (All Sites Including Youtube)

I had to do some research and I needed some videos which I had found on youtube and other social sites like google videos etc. As I didn’t have internet at my home, I needed to download all the videos in order to see them offline. I was searching for a comprehensive solution which could download from all the streaming video sites.

I have found Orbit Downloader to be the best software that can grab videos from almost all the sites that I know about. I was so excited when it grabbed all the videos that I wanted from all the sites. Most of all, it is a download manager and it’s free . So you can virtually download anything including the video from social site. It also states that it can download from rapidshare. I will definitely this capability and let my visitors know.
How to download the videos?
Start Orbit Downloader
Go to Tools –> Grab++
This will start Grab++

Refresh your page which has got the embeded video which you intend to download.
Start the video and see the Grab++ window. The link to the embeded video should’ve been added to it.
Select the video and press Download.
This will take you to the main Orbit window and will start downloading the video.

Please let me know about your experiences with downloading with Orbit and also share what you use for downloading streaming videos.
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5 responses to “How To Download Embeded/Streaming Videos (All Sites Including Youtube)”

  1. Deca

    I prefer to use Download Helper (firefox plugin) to download video

  2. DOREL

    Hi Sanix !
    I just found you , thank god , and fixed a problem I had .
    I ddn’t get too far into your stuff here , but I think you got real solutions , wich if I will need , I will try them , hope that I woun’t need too many , lol .
    Also I would like to say , that before I found your site , I used to fix this and that , through this site :
    i don’t know , maybe you heard of them , but it seems they , too , have some really good solutions .
    Thanks for your time !!!

    1. Sanix

      DOREL, glad you fixed your problem. If you have any other problem or tip to share, feel free to contact me. And Kellys Korner is also a very good site. Thanks for sharing.

  3. S A Janardhan

    Orbit Grab++ is good but sometimes the downloader sucks

  4. Maria

    under streaming media, why does grab++ say “no(http)” what does that mean. I am trying to grab this video