Host And Stream Videos And Music From Your Computer

If we want to share a multimedia clip (video or audio), we’ll need to upload them to services like Youtube or Facebook. But what if you have a really large video which you would like your friend to view it remotely from your computer without uploading it on any of the hosting sites? Remote Potato is the answer for you!
Remote Potato
Remote Potato is a software which enables you to host and stream videos and music from your own computer. Some features of Remote Potato include streaming pictures, audio and video from your own computer without uploading anywhere and remote access to Windows Media Center. Remote Potato is completely free and can be used without paying anything. Just download the software, install and start using it. It supports running on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Remote Potato is very easy to use. Just download the Remote Potato server and start using it. If you are running the server, you can watch your hosted multimedia files including pictures, audio and video on any browser. It even supports iPhone. Here are a couple of videos which explain how Remote Potato works:

Stream music, pictures and videos from your own computer
Access Windows 7 Media Center using Remote Potato

Download Remote Potato Server
Download Remote Potato iPhone app
Download Streaming Pack 32-bit to stream recordings using AC3 audio
Download Streaming Pack 64-bit to stream recordings using AC3 audio





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