Hand Made 2D Drawing Animation Tool

pencil Adobe Flash is one of the most popular animation tool which can create stunning animations in addition to other numerous tasks. The problem with it is that one has to buy it in order to create even small animations.
Pencil is a tool to make animations of hand made drawings. It uses both bitmap and vector based animations. The good thing about Pencil is that it is free, open source and cross platform meaning that it can work in Mac, Windows and Linux alike.

Another good thing about Pencil is that one doesn’t have to install it to run it. It’s portable meaning that you can just take the folder of Pencil anywhere with you and all the settings and the program will go with you.
I tried it and liked it a lot. If anyone could write a basic tutorial how to create a basic animation, Technize team would be very happy to post the tutorial on Technize.com. Full credit will be given to the author.
pencil screenshot