Google Makes It To Infinity

Today when I opened, it was different. Something had changed but I was not able to figure out what was the change I was feeling. Then at last, I got it. The Google favicon has been changed. It’s not looking nice as I was used to seeing that BIG G instead of the small one which is being shown now. Previously the Big G was in Blue with green red borders but now the small g is in purple without the borders. But a grayish shade wraps the small g.
Here’s the graphical comparison between the old favicon and the new one.
The old favicon:
and the new one:

This change is not without purpose. Actually google came from the word “googol” which is a mathematical term meaning 1 followed by hundred Zeros (1 X 10100). It was actually to reflect google’s mission to organize enormous amount of information. If you want to know more about googol, see this google explanation of the term:
Google Explanation of the meaning of Google
and if you search for the word googol in google, you’ll find the calculation on top:
Search for googol in google
Now that the favicon of google has been changed. The new favicon if flipped means infinity. So it’s better than limiting themselves to googol. A good step in representing the amount of information google is indexing :-).