Google Cloud Print–Print From Anywhere To Your Printer

Google has been working on their Cloud Print protocol and finally Google Cloud Print is available for everyone. Google Cloud Print allows anyone to attach a printer in one location and then print documents from anywhere without any hassles of installing the printer drivers.

Currently Google Cloud Print requires Google Chrome browser to be installed. The platform currently supported is Windows only. The Google Print service is integrated with our Google ID so there is no problem with the security of the printer setup.

google cloud print

How To Setup Google Cloud Print

You need to connect your printer to a Windows computer with the latest developer version of Google Chrome installed. When the printer is connected, just enable Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome. Now you can print from any application you want. If the printer is offline, the print job will be queued in the print cloud and the print job will be executed once the printer is back online.

You can also print from your mobile devices using the Google Cloud Print but it is only available in mobile devices such as smart phones and this feature is by default available in the latest Google Chrome OS notebooks.