Get Windows 7 with 57% Discount

windows 7 home premium Comparing the Prices of Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition seems to be a lot cheaper than Windows Vista’s counter part. Here’s the comparison table for your convenience:

Edition Windows Vista
as of 2/2008
Windows 7
as of 10/2009
Home Premium $239.99 $199.99
Business $299.99 $299.99
Ultimate $319.99 $319.99

This is the pricing for World wide customers but this time Europe is not included in this pricing. Europe will have another pricing because Windows 7 will ship without Internet Explorer 8 in Europe.

Negating the Internet Explorer factor, the price that Amazon UK is giving is almost the half of the original price. If anyone wants to pay less for purchasing Windows 7, he should buy it from Amazon UK website. The website is given below:

Buy Microsoft  Windows 7 from Amazon UK with discount
You can install Internet Explorer afterwards. So there is no big disadvantage of buying Windows 7 at a discount price.






3 responses to “Get Windows 7 with 57% Discount”

  1. Jim

    Is there some trick to get them to ship it to the USA?
    This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected. (Learn more.) You may either change the shipping address or remove the item by clicking Delete.
    Delivery Destinations
    Certain items bought from and from third-party sellers can be delivered only to certain countries. Click the links below to check the list of countries those items can be delivered to.

    1. Sanix

      Jim this edition is only for Europe. So it’ll only ship in Europe. If you have somebody in Europe, then you can ask them to collect it and send it to you in USA 🙂