Fresh Diagnose: Analyze and Benchmark Your Computer

Fresh Diagnose is a free utility from to diagnose and benchmark your computer hardware. It can give complete report about your computer after scanning. The main areas reported by Fresh Diagnose are CPU information, motherboard, video card, peripherals and network information. Fresh Diagnose also gives a comparison report upon scanning the system. This report can help you in visualizing how powerful is your computer.

Key features of Fresh Diagnose:

  • System Information: Scanning your system and give a complete report about your computer’s hardware and software , for examples: mainboard information, video system information, PCI / AGP buses information, peripheral (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.) information, Windows registry settings, and network information.

  • System Benchmarks: Testing your system performance, such as CPU, hard disk, CD/DVD ROM, and compare it with other systems.

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