Free VPNTraffic, VPN Service For USA And Japan Giveaway(20 Accounts)

There are so many VPN services that will give a US IP letting us access the internet as if we were sitting in United States. I have also seen many services that give access to European servers but VPNTraffic is has one unique feature that in addition to United States servers, it also offers servers from Japan so that people can use the internet through Japan.

VPNTraffic comes with the standard pricing of $5/month but if anyone purchases the service for 3 months or one year, then a huge discount is given. I have been testing this service for a few days now and am amazed with the speed. I was downloading many files from rapidshare and uploading content via my ftp account and the speed was just bursting, the maximum my internet connection could get. This was with the US servers. I’m still testing the Japan servers.

The best thing about VPNTraffic is that there is no limit to the internet traffic. I think they’re giving 100MBps internet connection to the users of the service. If they maintain a balance between the number of users and the servers, then I think this service will be best for long term usage.

Now coming to the giveaway point, is giving 20 accounts of VPNTraffic for free to Technize users. To participate in this giveaway contest, you have to leave a comment below. The giveaway will end on 24th of August 2010. So hurry up and give your comments on this giveaway and VPNTraffic service.

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UPDATE: Giveaway locked. Now we’re working on the winners. The winners will be announced sometime today :-). Stay tuned.

56 thoughts on “Free VPNTraffic, VPN Service For USA And Japan Giveaway(20 Accounts)”

  1. haha.. the comment sections suddenly became active whenever there’s giveaway.

    anyway i’d like to win this also. thx for the oppoturnity

  2. The VPN service is a life saver at times. Those who do the networks really know the worth of such a service.
    Thanks technize.

  3. I want to have a try at the hotel during my frequent visits to China. Most of the discussion forum was blocked. Only VPN can solve this problem.

    ?Bypass geographical blocks from certain websites
    ?Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection)
    ?International Internet Users – Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls!

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  4. Hello Technize!

    In today’s Internet age of degrading or pretty much hardly any privacy, VPNTraffic will surely provide me some much needed privacy from many snoopers.I am really interested in the servers located in Japan 😀

    Thank you.

  5. Hello

    I am a Canadian and would love to test your service to access US TV sites and HULU, Canadians are limited in there access to US sites which is too bad. I would also be interested in see what is available on the Japan site.

    my testing would be from home as well as a corporate location

    thank you in advance


  6. Hi Technize,

    I would like to participate in the VPNTraffic giveaway too.
    please count me in.
    A big thanks for conducting this giveaway!


  7. Thankyou for the information about virtual private networks and another VPN service. With the VPNTraffic service provider communication, freedom of expression and knowledge will always be free.

  8. Hi Thanks for the free giveaway i desperately need this as i am living in qatar & most of the sites are blocked here plz do consider me thanks in advance

  9. Giveaway locked. Now we’re working on the winners. The winners will be announced sometime today :-). Stay tuned.

  10. i want to have a try, i jammed on a heavy traffic before that caused me to failed in my research. thank you so much for this.

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