Free Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Including Agnitum Firewall

There are a lot of Internet Security Suites out there but I have yet to find out any free one. Although many big names in the security industry offer their antivirus or firewall for free but charge for the complete Internet Security Suite. Today I came across Agnitum Outpost Security Suite which has a free Edition too!
Although I have heard very little about their antivirus, Agnitum Firewall is still a popular choice for many people. Agnitum was recently added to the top 10 companies which obtained VB100 certification. Lets look at the features of Agnitum Outpost Security Suite which is free for home use. The security suite includes an antivirus which we have already talked about that it has been praised in VB100 awards, a firewall which is already well known for its flexibility and advanced features. It also includes an anti-spam engine which can take care of all the spam if you’re using Microsoft Outlook or any other email client. This engine does not take care of the web email. Outpost Security Suite also includes internet security so you can browse the internet with ease and safety.
The paid version of Agnitum Outpost Security Suite includes unique ID theft protection, priority update and technical support. If you are a home user then you’ll rarely need these features. The security suite can be downloaded from Agnitum.
Download Agnitum Outpost Security Suite from CNET [~95MB]





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  1. ditto

    comodo, fortinet & rising also free.